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10 Procreate Natural Hair Brushes

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Thank you for visiting my page and involving me in your art journey ♥️

In this brush set you will find 10 natural hair brushes. They can be used for afros, straight hair, protective styles, braids and even dreadlocks too. There are 10 brushes in this brushback, along with pictures of how to use some of the brushes. 

Best used at smaller brush size, but this will depend on canvas size. Please rate if you like them and follow @fae_monae on Instagram for more tips and brush updates♥️

Your purchase means the world to me 😊

PS: To use the braid brush effectively, select a dark color for the brush and paint on a bright background.

Update: Braid brush can have a background color! Set the primary color to white/any bright color and set the secondary color to black/any dark color. ♥️ 

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10+ natural hair brushes

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10 Procreate Natural Hair Brushes

66 ratings
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